Build 160328

  • New default hotkeys for process termination:
    • Win+Alt+Break - Terminate all but shell processes in the current console;
    • Ctrl+Alt+Break - Terminate active process in the current console.
  • conemu#605: Fix regressions on ‘App distinct’ settings page (EOL).
  • conemu#294: Add ‘Filter’ field to ‘Keys and Macro’ settings page.
  • conemu#318: With ES_NUMBER user can’t enter negative value (X/Y).
  • conemu#318: Get rid of gap in Quake mode when frame width is less than 3 pix.
  • conemu#165: Allow to drag Quake consoles between monitors.
  • Show Ctrl+Break but Pause in the hotkeys list.
  • l10n. Update resources
  • conemu#304: Use full monitor working area for maximized/fullscreen Quake mode.
Build 160329 | Build 160327
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