Build 160324

  • Unify LogFile names: ConEmu-gui-..., ConEmu-con-..., ConEmu-srv-....
  • To start console as ‘System’ use -new_console:aA switch.
  • Update {Show ANSI colors} and fit in 76 chars.
  • Show compiler version and colorize output of -Args.
  • Try to show and re-apply -new_console:XXX switches in ‘Recreate’ dialog.
  • conemu#581: Restart ConEmu after automatic update in the same directory it was started before.
  • Update chinese translation.
  • Update Russian translation.
  • If ConEmu started with -detached switch, don’t close it automatically when last tab is terminated.
  • ConEmuC: Don’t fall into Press Enter or Esc to close console... if invalid arguments were specified. This is critical, especially if our process was started under non-interactive account, than ExitWaitForKey causes the infinitely running process, which user can’t kill easily
  • ConEmuC: Don’t fall into Press Enter or Esc to close console... if server was not connected to GUI. Avoid situation when ConEmuC /ROOT was started from running console (bare cmd.exe) and ConEmuC (our started server) was not connected to GUI, then we get infinite loop when ConEmuC waits for cmd termination and vice versa.
  • Avoid ‘Unknown state’ appeared in the StatusBar during console startup.
  • LogFiles may be enabled permanently via Settings -> Features -> ‘Internal LogFiles location’.
  • CmdInit.cmd: Reset colors on each prompt ($E[m).
  • conemu#587: Fix text selection when cursor passes the selection anchor (changing selection direction).
  • conemu#598: Improve pasting options for Shift+Ins and Ctrl+V (multi-line text). Now, Ctrl+V will insert all lines, space-separated, and Shift+Ins insert multi-line text as before. User may change actions on the ‘Paste’ settings page.
  • conemu#101: Switch -UseExport may be specified before -GuiMacro to export result as env.var. Without -UseExport specified before -GuiMacro, ConEmuC.exe will not try to export GuiMacro result as environment variable ConEmuMacroResult to the parent process.
  • Variable ConEmuMacroResult was skipped during environment exporting.
  • Settings pages names localization.
Build 160327 | Build 160313
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