Build 160207 (preview)

  • Alt+HexNumbers: Dump collected codebase to console on ‘invalid’ input or GrayPlus.
  • conemu#534: Fix wrong background drawing in Far (TrueColor).
  • conemu#532: ‘Apply’ button failed to return ‘Normal’ mode in ‘Quake’ style.
  • conemu#78: Rename to (modifier for ‘Highlight and goto’ and some others). Purpose of this option - process when no modifier (Ctrl, Alt, Shift, ...) is pressed.
  • conemu#489: Fix TaskBar jump-list problems.
    • Default Tasks for SDK::VS * were not created by ConEmu64.exe.
    • Wrong icon was set for tasks SDK::VS * in jump-list.
  • Default extension (xml for example) was not appended if user fails to print it in the ‘Export settings’ dialog.
  • Warning fixes (from Michael Lukashov).
Build 160211 (preview) | Build 160204
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