Build 150813d (preview)

  • Don’t try to position cursor on higher line to avoid numerous beeps (bash, clink, etc.)
  • conemu#297: Show option ‘Delay between consoles initialization’ on the ‘Startup’ page.
  • fix cppcheck warning: memset() called to fill 0 bytes of ‘lpConsoleSelectionInfo’
  • fix cppcheck warning: Logical conjunction always evaluates to false: asLabel && !asLabel
  • fix cppcheck warning: Logical conjunction always evaluates to false: pszNumEnd && !pszNumEnd
  • fix cppcheck warning: Invalid memcmp() argument #3. A non-boolean value is required
  • DefTerm. Improve error message, version, process name.
  • conemu#322: Fix crash in hooked applications while updating DefTerm module.
  • Print handles information in ConEmuC /checkunicode.
  • Add new color schemes: <ConEmu>, <Cobalt2>.
  • Use <ConEmu> color scheme by default.
  • conemu#345: ‘Run as Administrator’ was crashed in some cases.
  • Only active split was updated after choosing palette from DDCB.
  • Misprint: Looses -> Loses.
  • ANSI: Brightness (back/fore) was not reset in some cases. For example: "\e[96mA\e[36mB" - “B” and “A” had same color.
  • Fix handle leak (GetProcessBits, handle is not freed)
  • conemu#368: Fix thread handles leaks.
  • Append optional switches to single-command tasks. For example, there is default task {cmd} which has single command: cmd /k "%ConEmuBaseDir%\CmdInit.cmd". Now you may to run {cmd} /git from NewConsole dialog or via -cmd switch of ConEmu.exe. So, the result will be: cmd /k "%ConEmuBaseDir%\CmdInit.cmd" /git.
  • ConEmu here: Suggest to start {cmd} task instead of bare cmd by default.
    • So the default command for ‘ConEmu Here’ will be {cmd} -cur_console:n.
      • Note. Prepend /reuse /cmd before task name, if you want to reuse running ConEmu window: /reuse /cmd {cmd} -cur_console:n.
    • Default command for ‘ConEmu Inside will be {powershell} -cur_console:n.
  • Add ‘ConEmu Underlines’ item to Far’s F11 menu (panels, editor, viewer).
  • Add ‘ConEmu Background’ item to Far’s F11 menu (panels, editor, viewer).
  • conemu#94: Gray window on PuTTY when connected via local proxy command.
  • In some cases ConEmuC64 was started as server for 32-bit root process.
  • conemu#415: GetLastError returned 6 after WriteFile even on success.
  • Don’t restart PC without confirmation after CUP ALL (chocolatey update).
  • Write process list changes and active process name to log (ConEmu -log).
  • Write CtrlC/CtrlBreak and other console events to log (ConEmu -log).
  • Move checkbox Activate split/pane on mouse hover to the Controls settings page.
  • conemu#399: Use mouse for ConEmu’s selection instead of passing to cygwin’s vim.
  • conemu#398: Fix: Taskbar previews don’t match tabs order.
  • Fix: Win7 taskbar aero peeks appeared in wrong position if pad size was not null.
  • Warn if two instances of ConEmu plugin were loaded in Far Manager. If due to installation or configuration errors two dll libraries were loaded, they both will fail to work properly. So, warn user about the problem in detail, show suggestion, and stop plugin initialization.
  • Warn user if wrong version of ConEmu plugin was loaded in Far Manager.
  • conemu#336: Don’t poll Far 2.x current directories while Editor/Viewer is active.
  • conemu#17: Send WM_ENTERSIZEMOVE/WM_EXITSIZEMOVE to ChildGui during resize.
  • ANSI \e[K has not cleared rightmost cell.
  • Checkbox ‘Desktop mode’ was removed from settings. Most of users misunderstand its purpose, and seems like it’s broken in the past builds and windows can’t inject itself into Desktop.
  • ConEmuLn. Add separate settings for Editor and Viewer underline colors.
  • Improve XML parser error messages.
  • Don’t autoclose ConEmu window while error message box is waiting user interaction.
  • conemu#344: Fix abnormal resize of maximized window if TabBar is auto-shown.
  • conemu#353: Jump lists were created improperly if ConEmu was started with -single switch.
  • May specify index of an icon in the file
  • conemu#378, conemu#376: Support retrieving icon from *.dll and *.exe files by index or ResID. One may specify the icon either by number (decimal, 0-based), or by resource id (negative, decimal).
Example for Task parameters:
  /icon "%CommonProgramFiles(x86)%\microsoft shared\MSEnv\VSFileHandler.dll,33"
Example for `-new_console` switch (may be specified in the Task commands):
  -new_console:C:"%CommonProgramFiles(x86)%\microsoft shared\MSEnv\VSFileHandler.dll,33"
  • conemu#442: In text selection pressing Ctrl+Shift+Arrow increases selection faster. Ctrl+Shift+Left/Right jumps by words if possible, or by 10 chars. Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down jumps by screen halfs.
  • conemu#455: Redirected output from batch files to CON device was not working. Windows’ console API is not working on handles opened that way. test.bat
ECHO/ Test Redirect Output 1>CON
  • conemu#351: Allow changing URL for retrieving version location on Settings/Update.
  • conemu#351: Use by default.
  • In some cases ConEmu tried to set abnormally large console size.
  • Updater. Fight against wininet cache before downloading.
  • Fix wrong background from ‘ConEmu Underlines’ in some cases. If “Far /e …” was started from Panels, and only ‘Editor’ coloring was enabled in ‘ConEmu Underlines’, than wrong background was painted after exit Editor Far.exe process.
  • Add batch to build all binaries
  • conemu#461: Fix AeroPeek VCon offset when using captionless mode.
Build 151210 | Build 151208
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