Build 151126

  • First try to create cygwin/msys terminal connector.
  • JumpList icon was not created properly for Task in some cases. If /icon switch was not specified for Task parameters, and first line of Task commands started with specials * or >, JumpList icon was not created properly.
  • conemu#431: Fix crash in EmergencyShow (Win10, closing ConEmu).
  • Show in the StatusBar cygwin/msys connector’s PID as AltServer.
  • Pass UTF-8 encoded strings to debugger (ANSI debug logging).
  • ANSI: Implement ESC [ 3 J: dispose all backscroll lines (from xterm).
  • ANSI: Implement ESC ] 9 ; 10 ST - Request xterm keyboard emulation.
  • Testing purposes: Options -a and -s in ConEmuC -type. -a writes text to console using MBCS functions. -s writes text to console byte-by-byte (streaming). Example: ConEmuC -t -a -s UTF-8-broken.txt.
  • Improve UTF-8 support. In some cases, console output was broken.
  • Internal. Reset m_Term on tab restart
  • ANSI: Support xterm bracketed paste mode. Console application should write \e[?2004h to enable and \e[?2004l to disable bracketed paste mode. When mode is enabled, ConEmu sends pasted text to console input buffer framed into \s[200~\e[201~.
  • ANSI: Long OSC sequences written splitted by writes were processed improperly.
  • Don’t treat cygwin/msys connector as ‘Incomplete operation’.
  • Warnings fixes (from Michael Lukashov).
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