Build 150908

  • ConEmuHk. Some internal changes (store function index, fix init/deinit steps).
  • conemu#279: ConEmu window grew in size after relaunch if size was defined in pixels or percents.
  • conemu#279: Unchecked ‘Align ConEmu window size to cells’ was ignored on startup.
  • Fix unexpected resize to integral size on startup.
  • Don’t create two default tasks {Bash::Git bash} for git-cmd.exe and bin/sh.exe.
  • Win2k: Remove static link to GetConsoleSelectionInfo.
  • Win2k: Adapt ‘Pause’ feature to lack of GetConsoleSelectionInfo.
  • conemu#216: Mouse wheel only works on first console in split window.
  • Don’t count git-cmd.exe and git-bash.exe while checking for ‘Incomplete operations’ during tab/window close.
  • Correct close tab/window confirmation message (‘incomplete operations’ was not shown).
  • DefTerm. The switch -new_console:z was ignored by host application in some cases.
  • Print Hex and Dec ExitCode on shell exit errors larger than 255.
  • Fix handle leak (GetProcessBits, handle is not freed).
Build 150910 | Build 150813c (preview)
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