Build 150813

  • Default task {Shells:cmd-32} to run 32-bit cmd.exe on 64-bit OS.
  • Updater. Show in the confirmation message URL of downloaded version.ini.
  • Up to date supplied documentation files (About, License, etc.)
  • GitShowBranch.cmd: Fix unexpected apparance: (. Force to use english.
  • Mark ConEmuC.exe as dpiAware (manifest).
  • Some internal fix of TabBar activation during startup.
  • Add more logging of RealConsole window size and used font.
  • Rename settings page to ‘Tab bar’.
  • Let -new_console:w0 force ‘Insert’ mode and -new_console:w1 force ‘Overwrite’ mode.
  • Don’t load/save ConInMode option from settings. There is -new_console:w[0] instead.
  • Add ZoneId check and unblock for ConEmu’s binaries. Under some circumstances ConEmu binaries may be marked as ‘Downloaded from internet’. That, in turn, may cause blocking by SmartScreen or antiviral software. ConEmu will do checking of Zone.Identifier NTFS stream and warn user if it’s found. User may let ConEmu try to unblock files automatically or do this themselves. More info here:
  • Let default task {cmd} be used for Win+X ConEmu hotkey. That is the configurable hotkey for ‘Create new ‘cmd.exe’ console’ action.
  • conemu#224: Try to fix ‘Maximum real console size was reached’ error.
  • DefTerm. Add ‘Apply’ button to settings page.
  • DefTerm. Add option to log all ‘exec’ activities of hooked processes (debug purposes).
  • Update PortableApps icons.
  • A LOT of internal fixes.
Build 150814 | Build 150728
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