Build 150716

  • Now user may use any external downloader tool if ConEmu’s internal does not suite.
  • Implement new switch -update to force automatic update procedure.
  • Describe switch -LoadRegistry in ConEmu’s About dialog.
  • Force Win7 TaskBar to use different taskbar buttons for different configs selected by one of the following switches: -config <name>, -loadcfgfile <file>, -loadregistry, -basic.
  • Allow to delete several tasks at once, just select them with Shift or Ctrl pressed.
  • Button ‘Add default tasks’ behavior was changed. Confirmation dialog suggests to either to add absent tasks or add and recreate all default tasks. Recreation will affect tasks’ commands and parameters.
  • conemu#213: Improve update error reporting, more logging.
  • Switch processor refactoring (code moved to CConEmuStart class).
  • Internal changes in threads creating/killing.
  • Some more logging for toolbar buttons and window resizing.
Build 150722 | Build 150707
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