Speedup update with installer

On some computer configurations automatic update via installer may last few minutes. How to speed up update process?

If you’ve installed ConEmu with installer, automatic updates will be processed with installer too. ConEmu installers are x86 and x64 msi-packets packaged into one executable file ConEmuSetup.*.exe.

When you update or change ConEmu installation Windows will create new ‘Restore point’. The creation of ‘Restore point’ is the heaviest part of update process and may last up to few minutes depending of you computer configuration.

These ‘Restore points’ may be very useful if something bad happens with your installed software, you will be able to rollback to selected ‘Restore point’ to heal you PC.

But if you are sure that you don’t need ‘Restore points’ you may disable their creation.

Disable creation of ‘Restore points’ while updating ConEmu

  • Open Settings page Update;
  • Ensure that checkbox ‘Installer’ is checked;
  • Change contents of the edit field under ‘Installer’ checkbox from "%1" /p:%3 /qr to "%1" /p:%3,adm /qn.

Switch /qn tells msiexec to show no installer interface at all. Side effect of this will be disabled ‘Restore points’ creation.

Note that ,adm suffix is required because when no installer interface is shown, no UAC confirmation dialog will be shown too, and if msiexec is not started as administrator, update procedure will fail with code 1603.

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