Did you know that…

right click on the cross

minimize ConEmu to taskbar status area (hide from screen).

run console app from GUI app

console app will starts in new ConEmu tab.

ConEmu may set up itself as default terminal

goto ‘Settings’ -> ‘Integration’ and check ‘Force ConEmu as default terminal…’, you may also adjust list of hooked applications from which you like to run console applications.

ConEmu may be easily configured as compile-host

you may unpack ConEmu files to special folder, use portable mode with ConEmu.xml file, pin shortcut to taskbar and use Windows 7 jump list.

For example, when I need to build ConEmu I just right-click on special icon in taskbar and choose configuration (Debug, Release and so on), and build will starts in Quake-style console. On build errors TypeBuildErrors.cmd "Errors.log" called to highlight lines with errors and warnings. I can Ctrl+Click on error and get source file in the editor positioned on error-line. After fixing all errors I just press Win+~ to ‘restart’ console, this will starts build again.

creating single-file portable ConEmu

will be clarified, WinRar required

@echo off
cd /d "%~dp0"

set cever=
if not "%~1"=="" set cever=.%~1
set inc_List=
set exc_List=

echo Setup=ConEmu.exe>ConEmuPortableRarInfo.txt
echo Silent=1 1>>ConEmuPortableRarInfo.txt
echo Overwrite=1 1>>ConEmuPortableRarInfo.txt
if "%~1"=="" echo TempMode>>ConEmuPortableRarInfo.txt
if not "%~1"=="" echo TempMode=Run ConEmu %~1 portable?, ConEmu %~1 1>>ConEmuPortableRarInfo.txt

cd Release

set inc_List=%inc_List% ConEmu.exe ConEmu\ConEmuC.exe ConEmu\ConEmuCD.dll ConEmu\ConEmuHk.dll
set inc_List=%inc_List% ConEmu\ConEmuC64.exe ConEmu\ConEmuCD64.dll ConEmu\ConEmuHk64.dll
set inc_List=%inc_List% ..\Portable_Test\*.*

if exist "..\ConEmuPortable%cever%.exe" del "..\ConEmuPortable%cever%.exe"

rar a -r -ep1 -sfxDefault.sfx -z..\ConEmuPortableRarInfo.txt "..\ConEmuPortable%cever%.exe"   %inc_List% %exc_List%
if errorlevel 1 pause & goto :EOF

call sign_any.bat "..\ConEmuPortable%cever%.exe"
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