Settings: Tab bar

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ConEmu Settings: Tab bar

Tabs (consoles, Far Manager panels/editors/viewers)

  • Always show

Internal Ctrl+Tab

Handle CtrlTab and CtrlShiftTab internally (by ConEmu). These keystrokes will not be sent to console window, but You can easily switch between consoles (panels).

Lazy tab switch

When checked - real window switching will be performed on Ctrl depress

Recent mode

Switch first between recent tabs. You may still switch between tabs in standard manner using Left/Right (after CtrlTab), while Ctrl is still presses.

  • Auto show

Active console only

Show tabs from active console only

Only active pane of group

Show only one tab for all splits in the group

  • Don’t show

Far windows

Show all Far Manager windows (panels, editors, viewers) instead of one tab for one console

‘Host-key’+Number iterates Far windows

Iterate opened Far windows with ‘Host-key’+Number

Tabs on bottom

Tab font


Tab templates (Far Manager ones are located on ‘Far Manager’ page)

%s - Title, %c - Console #, %n - Active process name, %p - PID,\n%m…m, %M…M - mark ’…’ for active (m) and inactive (M) tab\n%a - ‘Admin’, %d - current shell directory, %f - folder, %% - %


Common tab template (any console program except Far Manager)

Modified suffix

When something was changed in the inactive console ConEmu may show that in the tab label Set or clear this suffix appended to the tab template

Skip words from title

Maximum tab width (in chars)

Invisible tab activity flash count

When something was changed in the inactive console ConEmu may flash tab icon in that case Set ‘-1’ to flash infinitely Use odd values to leave tab in highlighted state

Admin shield

Elevated consoles
When this is checked - ‘Shield’ icon will be shown in tabs, started ‘As administrator’


When this is checked - specified suffix will be appended in tabs titles, started ‘As administrator’. You may choose insertion place with ‘%a’ var, otherwise suffix will be at the tab end.

Tab double click actions

Tab button (labels)

Tab bar

Tab double click actions

When you double click on the tab…

When you double click on the free space of tab bar… ‘Auto’ means ‘Maximize/Restore’ when caption is hidden and ‘Open new shell’ when caption is visible

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