Settings: Mouse

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ConEmu Settings: Mouse

Mouse options

Send mouse events to console

Uncheck this to stop sending mouse events to console, mouse will be processed by ConEmu internally (text selection, for example)

Skip click on activation

Skip mouse button (left/right/middle) click, while activating window

Skip mouse events in background

Skip mouse move events, while ConEmu is not foreground window

Activate split/pane on mouse hover

When several panes (splits) are visible simultaneously activate (put focus in) console with mouse hover, 3rd-state - match ‘Active window tracking’ system settings

Ctrl+Alt - drag window by client area

Allows to move ConEmu window via dragging it by client area.

Read line enhancements (command prompt, ReadConsoleW)

Change prompt (cmd, powershell) text cursor position with Left Click

3rd-state means ‘try to detect if console is in ReadConsole’, if you want to use this with bash - turn checkbox to ‘On’ (don’t use third state)

Mouse button actions




Choose required pressed modifier for actions is ignored in Far Manager to bypass mouse button clicks to console

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