Settings: Far Manager

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ConEmu Settings: Far Manager

Shell style Drag and Drop (Far Manager only)


Allow drag with left mouse button

Drop (and) Confirmation

Off - ConEmu will NOT receive external drops On - Drops allowed (Far confirmation dialog) 3rd-state - same as “On”, but w/o confirmation


Create and display overlay transparent snapshot of files are dragged

Shell icons

Show icons of dragged items


Allow drag with right mouse button

Drag with left mouse button, only when pressed…

Copy by default

Forced “Copy” action as default, You can use Ctrl, Shift or Alt during drag to change action

Use drop menu

Drag with right mouse button, only when pressed…

Far Manager options

Change mouse cursor if busy

Show AppStarting mouse cursor (arrow with a small hourglass or circle) when Far is busy (not responding during long operations)

ASCII sort function in Far

Hook Far string sort functions. !!!HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL!!!

Extend Unicode CharMap

Show glyphs from selected font in ‘Unicode CharMap’ plugin (FAR2 only)

Right selection fix

Fix dashed selection with fast right mouse drag Far 3: restore files selection instead of EMenu

Disable Far flashing

Disable flashing (from Far Manager) on Windows taskbar. 3rd-state - allow short flashing.

No zone check

SEE_MASK_NOZONECHECKS. Same as appeared in Far 2 build 771 and disappeared after 1464.

Resize panels by mouse

Enable sizing of left and right panel by dragging with mouse. 3rd-state - resize on button release with macroses.

KeyBar RClick

use both panel edges

Tab templates

%s - Title, %c - Console #, %n - Active process name, %p - PID, %a - ‘Admin’, %% - %,\n%m…m, %M…M - mark ’…’ for active (m) and inactive (M) tab\n%i - Far window number (you can see it in standard F12 menu)


Tab template for Far Manager panels


Tab template for Far Manager internal viewers


Tab template for Far Manager internal editors


Tab template for Far Manager internal modified editors

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