Settings: Appearance

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ConEmu Settings: Appearance


Single instance mode (use existing window instead of running new instance)

Use one ConEmu window when starting new console from shortcut or somewhere May be disabled by ‘/nosingle’ or forced by ‘/single’ switches

Multiple consoles in one ConEmu window

Turn on MultiConsole (several consoles in one ConEmu) ConEmu restart required

Always on top

Places the ConEmu window above all non-topmost windows. The window maintains its topmost position even when it is deactivated

Show buttons (toolbar) in tab bar

Show search field in tab bar


Enhance progressbars and scrollbars

Enhance appearance of progressbars and scrollbars

Show balloon help tooltips

Don’t like tooltips in settings dialog? Disable this feature.


  • Hide Don’t show scrollbar
  • Show Always show scrollbar on the right edge of window
  • Auto Show scrollbar on mousehover or scroll position change

Appear delay

Scrollbar appear delay when ‘Always show scrollbar’ is off or in 3rd-state


Scrollbar disappear delay when ‘Always show scrollbar’ is off or in 3rd-state

Dynamic scrollbar range (backscroll buffer)

Increase maximum scrollbar position with console output grows

Title bar (Caption) and border options

Hide caption when maximized

Hide main window caption, when maximized (Alt-F9)

Hide caption always

Remove window border and caption. Only console, tabs and status bar will be shown.

Frame width

While caption and frame are hidden, ConEmu may keep small part of frame (in pixels) around console part. Default is 1 pixel.

Appear delay

Delay in milliseconds, for a Frame appearance


Delay in milliseconds, for a Frame disappearance

Always show numbers [n/m]

Show [ActiveCon/TotalCon] in window caption

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