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by Scott Hanselman

A kick ass terminal is exactly what Windows needs. I’m not talking about PowerShell, which many agree is crazy powerful, but rather the Terminal itself. We want tabs, we want control, we want better full screen, we want themes, we want more.

While I love Console2, I think I’m ready to switch as I’ve just been turned on a NEW contender in the Windows Console Wars. It’s ConEmu and it’s insane (in a good way.) It’s also actively developed.

I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface as ConEmu is one of those applications that is so configurable that you can become lost in the flexibility.

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by Elena Opris (

ConEmu is a comprehensive software utility designed for users who prefer working with multiple console programs at the same time…

… ConEmu offers an effective solution for working with multiple console programs in a tabbed window, backed by rich and advanced customization preferences.

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If you use the command line often, then you need this tool. If you’re a Linux fan, this utility will make your Windows experience a little bit “comfortable”. You can customize this application in many ways: chances are that most of the features that you need are already there (settings area is really overwhelming). You will probably end up in making ConEmu your default terminal for Windows.

by Greg Steen (

One of my favorite ConEmu features is the ability to add custom predefined tasks or command groups to the quick-access menus. These provide customized actions with all the parameters and options you need in one or two clicks. You can then add these tasks to the Windows taskbar (Jump Lists) for easy reuse. ConEmu will also store commands from your usage history if you so choose.

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by Nikel

First review I have posted in 28 years being a software dev. This app is awesome! I have been using Console2 for a long time, then just stumbled onto this. Have uninstalled Console2. The amount of features available in ConEmu are impressive. Kudos to the devs!!!

by Rafal Borowiec

I’ve been using ConEmu for several weeks now and I am far from knowing everything about it, but I already can’t imagine my Windows without it! With ConEmu I can use my favorite tools like Git Bash, cmd, Far Manager, and Notepad++ in one application with great tabbing experience supported with shortcuts.

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by Charles Roper

As a long-time user of Console 2, I switched to ConEmu recently and have not looked back. This is so much better than anything that has come before it almost defies belief. Plus is is being rapidly developed (thanks Maximus!) with juicy new features appearing often enough to make it feel exciting. If you’ve not tried this, do it now. I have no hesitation in recommending it as the best console emulator on Windows.


by Bill Morefield (

ConEmu feels like a terminal designed for those who really use the command line often.

The cusomization is targeted at the power user to produce an environment exactly the way you want, but it can feel a bit daunting to look at hundred of settings at one time.

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by Justin Dearing

I’ve fallen in love with ConEmu, after being introduced to it by a Scott Hanselman blog post. While my initial attraction to it was its integration with farmanager, that was only its initial selling point. The ability to have one resizable tabbed window to hold all my cmd.exe, powershell.exe and bash.exe consoles is what makes it a killer app…

ConEmu’s true power is your ability to customize it…

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by Timo Geusch

If Console2 is the VW Golf to the stock Windows’ console emulator’s 1200cc VW Bug, then ConEmu is the VW Phaeton to Console2?s VW Golf. It’s got a lot more features, it’s actively developed, it works well with Far Manager if you miss the Norton Commander days and it’s highly configurable.

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by Ashwin

I found out about ConEmu from Hanselman’s post. ConEmu is the best terminal application for Windows!


by Sergiy Yakovyn

Very convenient tool to run console apps. The best ever integration with Far Manager (including both stable 2.0 version and new 3.0). For those who use Far on daily basis this is MUST HAVE tool.


by jmwap

For those who are heavy users of consoles/terminals such as cygwin/bash, PyCmd/Console2…I just discovered this great projec… I have been using Console2 for years, its great, but conemu has so much more features, AND is its in very active development (unlike console2). I have switched already.

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by drweb86

That masterpiece brings so much cool features to the Far manager… The most important are one window for other Far, drag’nd’drop,colors and some other less noticable but not less important features

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by Arild Jacobsen

This is an excellent addition to my suite of favourite programs. I’ve been lamenting the loss of a powerful, beautiful terminal since moving to windows for work reasons. Getting to know powershell introduced powerful, and now, ConEmu gives me beautiful as well! :) Hotkeyed quake-style dropdown with custom background, multiple tabs, stay on top and partial transparency on lose focus. I am bursting with geeky glee.

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by Tobias Weltner

ConEmu is my favorite free PowerShell tool. It is a generic multi-console host so you can add as many console-based applications like PowerShell to it.


by electrotype

ConEmu is the best one! It’s free, full of features and its development is very active.

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by jpsoftware

Windows Console Replacements, Part 6 – Take Command and ConEmu by jpsoftware


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by vozerov

Far Manager and ConEmu. Read on


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