Shell style drag & drop

ConEmu-Maximus5 supports ‘drag & drop’ of files and folders between ConEmu and other applications supporting this feature.

Far Manager

If you use Far Manager you will be able to drag files and folders from Far’s panels outside and drop them into panels. Modificators Ctrl, Shift and Alt forces ‘Copy’, ‘Move’ and ‘Link’ actions respectively.

The plugin is required

The ConEmu plugin must be loaded into Far Manager! So the “ConEmu” item may be visible in the Far’s F11 plugins menu.The plugin is loaded by default if you run it via predefined Task “{Far}”.

Other shells

When you use other shells (‘cmd’, ‘bash’, ‘powershell’ …) ConEmu will support only ‘drop’. So, when you drop files or folders, they paths will be just pasted into console as simple text.

Some hints

Due to some reason (a bugs or bitness incompatibility) some applications may fail to accept dropped files.

Last seen problem was related to PngOptimizer. This application uses DragQueryFileW function which utilizes CF_HDROP data format. It’s unclear why, but when bitnesses of applications (ConEmu and PngOptimizer) do not match, the function DragQueryFileW fails to retrieve the count of dragged files.

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