Point cygwin/msys ${HOME} to Windows’ profile

By default cygwin and msys installations set ${HOME} to their subfolders, for example, if cygwin was installed into C:\cygwin64, than your ${HOME} would be something like C:\cygwin64\home\user-name.

But how to link cygwin/msys profile into your Windows user’s home directory?

Look into /etc folder, the file nsswitch.conf must be there. It contains line with db_home, which differs from installation to installation. Few examples below:

db_home: cygwin desc
db_home: /home/%U

Try to change db_home by inserting windows, or env, or even full path to your Windows’ profile. Examples:

db_home: windows cygwin desc
db_home: env windows /C/your-dot-files
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