Installation Folders Structure

ConEmu has several required files (exe and dll) for normal operation.

This page describes possible variants of files layouts.

Required files

ConEmu distro contains several ‘parts’.

  • Graphical interface (32bit or 64bit): ConEmu.exe or ConEmu64.exe;
  • 32bit console services: ConEmuC.exe, ConEmuHk.dll, ConEmuCD.dll;
  • 64bit console services: ConEmuC64.exe, ConEmuHk64.dll, ConEmuCD64.dll;
  • Far Manager plugins are located in the plugins folder and are required for Far’s users only.

Note, both ‘32bit console services’ and ‘64bit console services’ are required for proper functioning on 64bit OS! Regardless of which bitness of graphical interface you are using!

The reason is simple and obvious. If you have only one bitness of console services you will not be able to run application of this bitness in ConEmu. At all! Do you really think you’ll never run this bitness? You will waste much more nerves, energy and time when you face disability to run something somedays.

Standard structure

File Description
Main ConEmu files (32bit and 64bit), usually located in C:\Program Files\ConEmu.
Far Manager users might install ConEmu to the folder, where far.exe is located.
In that case, default shell will be far.exe.
Required 32bit console part of ConEmu package.
These files are required in 64bit OS`s too, if you want to
run any 32bit application in ConEmu.
Required 64bit console part of ConEmu package. These files are required in 64bit OS`s only.
.\Plugins\ConEmu\ This folder contains Far Manager plugins. If you are not using Far Manager, you may delete Plugins folder

Plain structure

File Description
If you wish, you may put all ConEmu files in one folder.
But! You must write post-update command to move
console-part files to root folder,
if you want to use ‘Autoupdate’ feature.

MinGW structure

File Description
MinGW bin folder is located usually in C:\MinGW\bin.
Console-part files located here.
.\libexec\conemu\ConEmu.xml Configuration file located here.
.\msys\1.0\bin\sh.exe Default shell for this mode (MinGW).
.\bin\sh.exe Alternative default shell for this mode (GIT).
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