NVIDIA CoProcManager

Seems like the problem was fixed (proper workaround was found) in build 151006.

After changing hooking technique to minhook in build 150814 some users reported crashes of every console application exit.

The crash were triggered by NVIDIA CoProcManager files (stack overflow). These files are located in Program Files and Program Files (x86).

NVIDIA Corporation\coprocmanager\

However, I’m failed to reproduce this problem on any PC, because these files are installed on certain graphic cards only.

I even can’t report the problem to NVIDIA because I don’t own any of these cards.

Temporary workaround introduced in build 150910 was not perfect. And it raised other problems…

I do not see any sense in NVIDIA hooks injected into console applications. As far as I can understand, their purpose is to fix some graphic issues, but console applications do not use opengl/directx and others techniques in general.

Another possible workaround is to rename/remove coprocmanager folders, but this may impact on your games or applications utilizing opengl/directx. However, you may try it…

Anyway, I doubt that it’s ConEmu bug, but everything is possible because I can’t check the problem on my side.

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