Build 160327

  • Add palette change logging. Ref: gh-599, searching for bottle neck
  • gh-593: Background color index was cropped to 8-color palette after \e[9999;1H.
  • gh-587: Fix text selection when cursor passes the selection anchor (downright).
  • Update chinese translation.
  • Improve double-click (word) selection. For example, select daily by double-click inside brackets of ConEmu [daily]>.
  • ANSI: Sequence ESC [ 1 4 t reports terminal window size in pixels as ESC [ 4 ; height ; width t.
  • gh-605: Fix regressions on ‘App distinct’ settings page.
  • Log extended information during console shutdown. Ref: gh-604: Last conemu versions often can’t attach to started console
Build 160328 | Build 160324