ConEmu keyboard shortcuts

Please note!

These shortcuts are only defaults! You may redefine almost all combinations and define up to 32 GuiMacro hotkeys on the Keys page.

Moreover, many actions have no default hotkeys.

For example, you may choose hotkey for ‘Start text selection (like text editors)’, ‘Switch Always on top window mode’ and so on.

There are also several global hotkeys available even ConEmu has not focus.

Non configurable hotkeys

Hotkey Description
Win+Alt+A Displays ConEmu About dialog. Also, you may see there useful information about comand line switches.
Win+Alt+P Displays ConEmu Settings dialog.
Win+Alt+Space Pops up ConEmu system menu.
Ctrl+Win+Alt+Space Reveals or hide the real console window. On some systems (Vista, i.e.) You may press Space twice.
Ctrl+Win+Enter Maximize ConEmu window and hide window caption (FullScreen mode).
Tabs switching. In lazy switching mode (tab bar must be visible) window will not be really switched, until Ctrl is released. When lazy tab switching was started in recent mode, You may use Left and Right keys to select tabs directly. Note, tabs must be shown in the ConEmu window.
Ctrl+Left, Ctrl+Right,
Ctrl+Up, Ctrl+Down
Switch tab to left/right (while Ctrl-Tab was pressed and Ctrl - hold).
Win+Left, Win+Right,
Win+Up, Win+Down
When ‘Win+Arrows - resize window’ checked - obviously resize ConEmu window.
Note, you may change ‘Win’ hostkey to any combination of maximum three modifiers.
Win+1 … Win+0 Activates consoles by numbers (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0).
Note, you may change ‘Win’ hostkey to any combination of maximum three modifiers.

Configurable hotkeys

The list below is very brief. Full list of hotkeys is located at the botom of the article.


Hotkey Description
Win+W Create new console tab. Confirmation dialog will be displayed, when ‘Create confirmation’ setting is enabled. W is default, configurable.
Win+Shift+W Create new console tab with confirmation dialog, regardless of ‘Create confirmation’ setting. W is default, configurable.
Win+~ Restart current console, all applications running in the current console will be terminated. ~ is default, configurable.
Win+Q, Win+Shift+Q Activate next/previous console tab. Q is default, configurable.
Win+Del Terminate current console. This hotkey is disabled by default! You may enable it in the ConEmu Settings
Win+A Show alternative console buffer (last command output). This is sort of ‘Pause’ for the console. A is default.
Win+S Duplicate tab with current state of root process.
Unset Turns BufferHeight mode on/off. Ignored in Windows 7.

Some selected hotkeys

Hotkey Description
Ctrl+~ Minimize or Restore ConEmu window. C is default, configurable. This is global hotkey, it works even ConEmu has no focus.
Win+X Create new console tab with cmd.exe or some selected task. configurable.
Ctrl+Up, Ctrl+Down,
Ctrl+PgUp, Ctrl+PgDn
Buffer scrolling
Ctrl+Alt Drag ConEmu window with mouse by client area
Win+Alt+Left, Win+Alt+Right Move active tab leftward/rightward (aka reorder ConEmu tabs)
Apps+R Rename current tab. In the current ConEmu version Far Manager editors/viewers can not be renamed
Apps+F Search text in the console

Host key

Note, Win is default ‘Host key’, keys combination is configurable.

Full list of hotkeys

Take a look at full list of keyboard shortcuts below and notes about global hotkeys.

Note Apps key is a key between RWin and RCtrl.

Hotkey SaveName/GuiMacro Description
Ctrl+~ MinimizeRestore Minimize/Restore (Quake-style hotkey also)
NoDefault MinimizeRestore2 Minimize/Restore (alternative)
NoDefault GlobalRestore Restore (bring to front)
NoDefault CdExplorerPath
Activate ConEmu and ‘CD’ to last (top in Z-order) Explorer window path
Ctrl+Win+Alt+Enter ForcedFullScreen Enter TEXT fullscreen mode, when available. If not - standard fullscreen and always on top
Win+Z SwitchGuiFocus Switch focus between ConEmu and child GUI application (e.g. PuTTY or Notepad)
NoDefault SetFocusGui Set focus to ConEmu
NoDefault SetFocusChild Set focus to child GUI application
NoDefault ChildSystemMenu Child GUI window system menu (PuTTY, Notepad, etc.)
Win+W Multi.NewConsole Create new console or new window (check ‘Multiple consoles in one ConEmu window’)
Win+Shift+W Multi.NewConsoleShift Create new console (after ‘Create confirmation’)
Win+X Multi.CmdKey Create new ‘cmd.exe’ console
NoDefault Multi.NewWindow Create new window (after ‘Create confirmation’)
Win+N Multi.NewConsolePopup Show create new console popup menu
NoDefault Multi.NewConsolePopup2 Show create new console popup menu with task submenus
Win+G Multi.NewAttach Attach existing Console or GUI application
Ctrl+Shift+O Multi.NewSplitV
Split: Duplicate active ‘shell’ split to bottom
Ctrl+Shift+E Multi.NewSplitH
Split: Duplicate active ‘shell’ split to right
Apps+Enter Multi.SplitMaximize
Split: Maximize/restore active pane
Apps+Shift+UpArrow Multi.SplitSizeVU
Split: Move splitter upward
Apps+Shift+DownArrow Multi.SplitSizeVD
Split: Move splitter downward
Apps+Shift+LeftArrow Multi.SplitSizeHL
Split: Move splitter leftward
Apps+Shift+RightArrow Multi.SplitSizeHR
Split: Move splitter rightward
Apps+Tab Key.TabPane1
Split: Put focus to next visible pane
Apps+Shift+Tab Key.TabPane2
Split: Put focus to previous visible pane
Apps+UpArrow Multi.SplitFocusU
Split: Put focus to nearest pane upward
Apps+DownArrow Multi.SplitFocusD
Split: Put focus to nearest pane downward
Apps+LeftArrow Multi.SplitFocusL
Split: Put focus to nearest pane leftward
Apps+RightArrow Multi.SplitFocusR
Split: Put focus to nearest pane rightward
Win+Q Multi.Next Switch next console
Win+Shift+Q Multi.NextShift Switch previous console
Win+192/тильда/ Multi.Recreate Recreate active console
Win+A Multi.AltCon Show alternative console buffer (last command output)
Pause Multi.Pause
Pause current console
NoDefault Multi.Scroll Switch bufferheight mode
Apps+G Multi.GroupInput
Group keyboard input for visible splits
NoDefault Multi.Detach
Detach active RealConsole from ConEmu
NoDefault Multi.Unfasten
Unfasten active RealConsole from active ConEmu window
Win+Delete Multi.Close
Close active console
Win+Alt+Delete CloseTabKey
Close current tab
Win+Ctrl+Delete CloseGroupKey
Close all panes of the active group
NoDefault CloseGroupPrcKey
Close all active processes of the active group
NoDefault CloseAllConKey
Close all consoles
NoDefault CloseZombiesKey
Close all zombies
NoDefault CloseExceptConKey
Close all but active
Ctrl+Alt+Break KillProcessKey
Terminate (kill) active process in the current console
Win+Alt+Break KillAllButShellKey
Terminate (kill) all but shell processes in the current console
Win+S DuplicateRootKey Duplicate tab with current state of root process
Win+F4 CloseConEmuKey
Close all tabs (same as ‘Cross’ click)
Apps+R Multi.Rename Rename active tab
Apps+A AffinityPriorityKey
Win+Alt+LeftArrow Multi.MoveLeft Move active tab leftward
Win+Alt+RightArrow Multi.MoveRight Move active tab rightward
NoDefault CTS.VkBlockStart Start vertical block selection (like standard console)
NoDefault CTS.VkTextStart Start text selection (like text editors)
Ctrl+C CTS.VkCopyFmt0
Copy: Current selection as plain text
Ctrl+Shift+C CTS.VkCopyFmt1
Copy: Current selection HTML formatted
NoDefault CTS.VkCopyFmt2
Copy: Current selection as HTML
NoDefault CTS.VkCopyAll
Copy: All active console text output (buffer including)
Apps+L HighlightMouseSwitch
Highlighting: Switch ‘Highlight row under mouse cursor’
Apps+X HighlightMouseSwitchX
Highlighting: Switch ‘Highlight row & col under mouse cursor’
NoDefault Multi.ShowTabsList Show opened tabs list (ignored in Far - use macro instead)
Apps+F12 Multi.ShowTabsList2
Show opened tabs list (works in Far too)
Shift+Ins ClipboardVkAllLines Paste clipboard contents (ignored in Far)
Ctrl+V ClipboardVkFirstLine Paste first line of clipboard contents, autoconvert paths for cygwin’s applications (ignored in Far)
NoDefault Key.AltNumpad
Start Alt+Number mode to enter unicode symbol by its hex codebase
Ctrl+BACK DeleteWordToLeft Delete word leftward to the cursor (ignored in Far)
Apps+F FindTextKey Find text in active console
Win+H ScreenshotKey Make screenshot of active window
Win+Shift+H ScreenshotFullKey Make screenshot of entire desktop
Apps+S ShowStatusBarKey Show status bar
Apps+T ShowTabBarKey Show tab bar
Apps+C ShowCaptionKey Show window caption
NoDefault AlwaysOnTopKey Switch ‘Always on top’ window mode
NoDefault TransparencyInc
Transparency: more translucent
NoDefault TransparencyDec
Transparency: more opaque
Apps+Space Key.TabMenu Show Tab context menu
Shift+RightMouseButton Key.TabMenu2 Show Tab context menu
Alt+F9 Key.Maximize
Win+Shift+DownArrow Key.MaximizeWidth
Snap ConEmu window to the monitor’s left/right edges (maximize width)
Win+Shift+UpArrow Key.MaximizeHeight
Snap ConEmu window to the monitor’s top/bottom edges (maximize height)
Win+LeftArrow Key.TileToLeft
Snap ConEmu window to the monitor’s left edge
Win+RightArrow Key.TileToRight
Snap ConEmu window to the monitor’s right edge
NoDefault Key.JumpActiveMonitor
Move ConEmu window to the monitor with mouse cursor (Bring here)
Win+Shift+LeftArrow Key.JumpPrevMonitor
Move ConEmu window to previous monitor
Win+Shift+RightArrow Key.JumpNextMonitor
Move ConEmu window to next monitor
Alt+Enter Key.FullScreen
Full screen
Alt+Space Key.SysMenu Show ConEmu System menu
Ctrl+RightMouseButton Key.SysMenu2 Show ConEmu System menu
Win+Shift+D Key.DebugProcess
Debug active process
NoDefault Key.DumpProcess
Active process memory dump
NoDefault Key.DumpTree
Active process tree memory dump
Ctrl+UpArrow Key.BufUp Scroll buffer one line up (disabled in Far /w)
Ctrl+DownArrow Key.BufDn Scroll buffer one line down (disabled in Far /w)
Ctrl+PageUp Key.BufPgUp Scroll buffer one page up (disabled in Far /w)
Ctrl+PageDown Key.BufPgDn Scroll buffer one page down (disabled in Far /w)
Apps+PageUp Key.BufHfPgUp
Scroll buffer one half-page up
Apps+PageDown Key.BufHfPgDn
Scroll buffer one half-page down
Apps+Home Key.BufTop
Scroll buffer to the top
Apps+End Key.BufBottom
Scroll buffer to the bottom
Apps+BACK Key.BufCursor
Scroll buffer to the cursor position
NoDefault Key.ResetTerm
Reset terminal: clear screen, backscroll, move cursor to the upper-left corner
Ctrl+WheelUp FontLargerKey
Make main font larger
Ctrl+WheelDown FontSmallerKey
Make main font smaller
Ctrl+MiddleMouseButton FontOriginalKey
Make main font original size
Ctrl+Shift+F PasteFileKey
Choose and paste file pathname
Ctrl+Shift+D PastePathKey
Choose and paste folder path
Apps+Ins PasteCygwinKey
Paste path from clipboard in unix format
RAlt CTS.VkBlock Block selection modifier
RShift CTS.VkText Text selection modifier
NoDefault CTS.VkAct Right and middle mouse buttons modifier (Text selection)
NoDefault CTS.VkPrompt Change prompt text cursor position with left mouse click (cmd, powershell, tcc/le, …)
RCtrl FarGotoEditorVk Highlighting: hyperlinks and compiler errors (FarGotoEditor modifier)
NoDefault DndLKey Drag from Far panels with left mouse key (LDrag modifier)
RCtrl DndRKey Drag from Far panels with right mouse key (RDrag modifier)
Ctrl+Alt+LeftMouseButton WndDragKey Move ConEmu window by dragging client area
Win+Alt+A -
Show ‘About’ dialog
Win+Alt+P -
Settings dialog
Win+Alt+K -
Setup ‘Hotkeys’
Win+Alt+T -
Setup ‘Tasks’
Win+Alt+H -
Open online help/wiki in your browser
Win+Alt+Space - Show ConEmu menu
Ctrl+Win+Alt+Space - Show real console
Win+Ctrl+Enter -
Full screen
Ctrl+Tab - Next tab (may be disabled)
Ctrl+Shift+Tab - Previous tab (may be disabled)
Ctrl+LeftArrow - Switch tab to left (while Ctrl-Tab was pressed and Ctrl - hold)
Ctrl+UpArrow - Switch tab to left (while Ctrl-Tab was pressed and Ctrl - hold)
Ctrl+RightArrow - Switch tab to right (while Ctrl-Tab was pressed and Ctrl - hold)
Ctrl+DownArrow - Switch tab to right (while Ctrl-Tab was pressed and Ctrl - hold)
Esc - Minimize ConEmu by Esc when no open consoles left (see option ‘Don’t close ConEmu on last console close’)
Shift+LeftArrow -
Start text selection, ignored in Far, may be disabled on ‘Mark & Paste’ and ‘App distinct’ pages
Shift+RightArrow -
Start text selection, ignored in Far, may be disabled on ‘Mark & Paste’ and ‘App distinct’ pages
Shift+Home -
Start text selection, ignored in Far, may be disabled on ‘Mark & Paste’ and ‘App distinct’ pages
Shift+End -
Start text selection, ignored in Far, may be disabled on ‘Mark & Paste’ and ‘App distinct’ pages
Shift+UpArrow -
Start block selection, ignored in Far, may be disabled on ‘Mark & Paste’ and ‘App distinct’ pages
Shift+DownArrow -
Start block selection, ignored in Far, may be disabled on ‘Mark & Paste’ and ‘App distinct’ pages
NoDefault - Decrease window width (check ‘Resize with arrows’)
NoDefault - Increase window width (check ‘Resize with arrows’)
NoDefault - Decrease window height (check ‘Resize with arrows’)
NoDefault - Increase window height (check ‘Resize with arrows’)